Give the gift of hope.

A gift to OrphanWise goes a long way.  

In 2021 alone, we trained nearly 300 caregivers who interact with an estimated 25,000 children every year all for a cost of approximately $3.10 per child impacted.

Your tax-deductible donation allows us to provide scholarships, materials, meals and childcare for the caregivers who attend our trainings.

Whether you make a one-time gift or partner with us on a monthly or annual basis, your gift provides caregivers the resources and education they need to be a safe space for the children in their care. 


“I would say that this training has changed my life and is applicable in many more situations than just trauma care. I use it every day I teach, with my foster siblings, and, really, most children I come into contact with. I recommend this training to everyone!

Teacher, 2020 OrphanWise training graduate

“As a foster parent at the time, I was extremely frustrated because I fostered teen parents. Katie helped me through some very tough times. She allowed me to vent, she gave me tools and information to successfully connect with my foster daughters and allowed me to get to a space mentally, physically and in some senses spiritually so that I could connect with my young ladies in a way that I could not previously.”

Dr. Crystal Toombs

"So, my first exposure to TBRI was with OrphanWise. I went through the caregiver modules with Katie and, I have to say, it was a big "aha moment" for me. Really, the whole training, but specifically, just the attachment cycle and the broken attachment putting into words what I had been struggling with as a child welfare caseworker for years. Trying to understand why children struggle as much as they do, why trauma has such an effect on the body and brain. It really changed everything about my practice. So, I'm so thankful to OrphanWise for all that they've done.I t's just been a great experience for me in serving the families and children in the child welfare system affected by trauma."

Blake Boyer

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