TBRI® Resources

Downloads & Printables

  • Self-Regulation Posters – (English. $5 digital download) This three-page printable includes 26 self-regulation strategies and a brief description of each on the back.  For your convenience, posters are formatted for 8.5″ x 11″ paper.
  • Self-Regulation Strategy Cards – (English. $5 digital download) This printable digital download includes 26 self-regulation strategies and explanations.
  • Conversation Cards – (English. $10 digital download) Available in both printable and digital formats, this product encourages connection by facilitating conversation.

Resources on Trauma

  • Trauma severely impacts a child’s brain development. The Whole-Brain Child gives caregivers 12 practical ways to help recuperate lost ground and kickstart a child’s full brain development again. 
  • Does your child hate loud noises? Bang their head against the wall? Run from certain smells or constantly have something in their mouth? The Out-of-Sync Child helps caregivers to understand sensory processing disorder and how to make the world a more manageable and less painful place. 
  • Trauma doesn’t just live in the brain; it lives in our whole bodies. The Body Keeps the Score is an excellent resource for anyone who has been through trauma or is working with someone who has experienced trauma. 

For Churches

Resources on Orphan Care

  • Pursuit of Orphan Excellence is a faith-based book that examines the way we care for orphans and how families are uniquely situated to respond to the needs of vulnerable kids.
  • THINKOrphan is a faith-based podcast by Phil Darke, a leader in caring for vulnerable children and the international movement for better orphan care.
  • Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO) is an organization dedicated to mobilizing the global church toward God’s call to care for orphans. 

Recursos en Español


At OrphanWise, we are big believers in meeting the sensory needs of the kids (and adults!) with whom we work. See below a list of some of our favorite sensory and self-regulation resources. As Amazon Affiliates, we make a small commission from what you purchase, so you can shop with the assurance that your purchase goes towards helping kids who have experienced trauma and their caregivers.

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