Be a Buddy

Want gain valuable experience while making a lasting difference in kids’ lives?

Join us on Wednesday evenings to be a buddy for a child at Family Night.  

Childcare is usually the #1 barrier to parents seeking our services.  In order to make the healing power TBRI to as many families as possible, we’re offering a children’s program for families that come to our evening caregiver training classes on Wednesdays from 5:30 – 8:30 p.m. 

We’re looking for compassionate, reliable “buddies” who will help us make this experience a memorable one for our kiddos.  Our goal is to have every child in our care matched with a consistent, connected adult.

Buddies must be willing to undergo a background check, or provide a copy of results of a background check from the last 3 years.  We’ll reimburse you the cost of your new check (up to $50) after 10 documented hours of volunteering.  

Interested?  Email with your name and phone number to get started.


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